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Pricing Philosophy
Pricing Philosophy and structure 

We have worked hard to make our pricing structure very attractive, with plans to suit all of you. If you need a series of colon hydro therapy treatments, we ensure that
both your pocket and your health benefits by you having those treatments with us.

Itís not just that we want repeat clients, but that we firmly believe that health maintenance is an ongoing project, not a one-off action. Definitely, one colonic may (and often does) give a good result, however it is not systemic in its effects (i.e. it relieves the colon, but usually little else.) A second colonic taken reasonably close to the first does a little more. And a third, again not left off too long, starts to have a systemic effect; a genuine adjunct to other health measures one may take.
We want to support those of our clients who share this understanding.

Also, whilst we occasionally run promotional campaigns to widen our new client base, we ensure that existing clients are never taken for granted. Our repeat session prices factor in attractive savings to reward client loyalty, and also to respect and honor our clients commitment to their own health and well being.

Packages are for one-person use; sessions within them cannot be swapped between different individuals.

Approximately 35% of all WLC clients have benefitted from packages. In our new client intake over the last 6 months, this proportion has increased to 60%. Detox 1 and 2 are the most popular packages.