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Magnesium Cleanse

The Magnesium Colonics Cleanse (Mg Col Cleanse): 850.
The Mg Col Cleanse is WLCs signature cleanse package. In our experience, it is very effective as a systemic and systematic cleanse for those with longstanding, chronic constipative tendencies and certain other bowel related issues.

It comprises of eight enhanced colonics (each 1 hour 15 minutes), 4 months supply of high strength (standardized therapeutic grade) probiotics, and 120 top of the range magnesium capsules, as well as email and phone informational & coaching support throughout the protocol.

enhanced colonic treatments over a specific, optimised time frame (normally every 2 to 3 weeks) The series of colonics and the home supported protocol will be undertaken in around 4 months.

Probiotic or other implants after the main colonic

herbs, if needed, during the colonic

Comprehensive instructions and explanations of the protocol, together adjustments and amendments to suit the particular individual requirements.

Post -sessional advice, if needed during the program, by phone and e mail

120 days supply of therapeutic grade
probiotics with potency of 20 billion live organisms per capsule.

Magnesium capsules for oral use, in accordance with instructions

The Mg Col Cleanse may be available as a shorter course of treatments if some preconditions are met, notably if the client has already had a series of colonics with WLC, and their indications support the value of a shorter course.
The minimum course is
3 colonic sessions at 410, and an intermediate course is 5 sessions at 675 (the price also includes all the aspects listed for the 8 week course in rough proportion to the reduced duration)