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West London Colonics, 12 Mowbray Gardens, Ealing Road, Northolt, UB5 6AE
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A Warm Welcome to West London Colonics (WLC)
We are a specialist colon hydrotherapy clinic, based in Northolt, which consistently attracts 5 star (excellent) client reviews both for the quality of its service, and value for money delivered.

WLC offers a modern, professional approach to one of the most ancient medical practices, combining state of the art technology with the natural cleansing process.

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Julia Rhodes, Principal Hydrotherapist
What sets us apart?

• Dedicated colon hydrotherapy service provided in a purpose built facility, in private surroundings, with generously proportioned en-suite changing and toilet facilities.
• Easy public transport amenities (8-12 minutes pleasant walk from Northolt tube) and driving (just off the A312) with free parking, both on and off -street.
• WLCs principal colon hydro therapist, Julia Rhodes, is very experienced having treated around 1000 clients, and conducted around 3000 treatments.
• WLC offers a wide spectrum of enema implants and detox programs, including some that other clinics don’t offer, because they require more effort in preparation (e.g. Flaxseed tea enemas)
• Experience in the use of colon hydrotherapy as an adjunct health strategy
• On going support & advice for clients who come for a series of colonics
• Affordable, value for money pricing so you can look after the interests of your health without draining your pocket
• Flexible opening hours, 7 days a week.
• We look after the interests of both new and existing clients
• We are responsive to feedback, and always attempting to improve our offering consistent with giving value.
020 3620 5309 / 07803 835 652
12 Mowbray Gardens, Ealing Road, Northolt, UB5 6AE