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Additional Services

For the colon: If needed,
Herb enemas are used during the on table time for the main colonic standard price treatments to help with i.e. excess gas, a lazy bowel or one that is over active. There is no charge for their use in standard price or package deal treatments. They are charged at 10, if required, on promotional offers

To release liver toxicity
coffee implant (retention) enemas are available at a price of 20 for organic ground coffee. Special organic unroasted green coffee is available for 35. Standardised, high potency green coffee extract is used for its rich level of antioxidants.

For hydrating the colon & for leaky gut/ inflammation
Flaxseed tea retention implants are 40. Flaxseed tea enema is best utilized after some understanding of the bowel dynamics of the individual Price includes provision of of 2 to 3 days of flaxseed tea concentrate for drinking over the next few days.

Restoration of gut flora
Probiotic high strength retention implants 20.Probiotic implants are the default enema implant choice, as everyone benefits from the introduction of good bacteria into the freshly cleansed intestinal tract.

For Gas and bloating:
Garlic enema implant: 20. The
garlic enema is highly effective in helping the system release gas related bloating, and relieve associated symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog. Standardised garlic juice extract is diluted to an effective (but not overpowering level) with warm filtered water.

Note: The price for implants (except for the herbs enema) includes an increase in the session time of approx 15 minutes. All enemas (except herbs and probiotics) need to be booked in advance to allow time for preparation. Coffee, flaxseed, garlic enemas are not available for a first session, as for optimum benefit from these retention enema the condition of the colon needs to be assessed. The colon needs to be relatively clear.

Probiotic capsules: Capsules are available for purchase 10/ 20 (maintenance strength / high strength)

Massage (AbdM)  
                                                                                                                                                                    Pre-colonic abdominal massage (15 minutes) 25                                                
Specifically developed to relax the abdominal and lower back muscles at the same time as beginning the process of moving the gas and faecal matter in the colon.  This pre-colonic treatment is ideal for those having a colonic for the first time but can also be beneficial on subsequent colonics.